October 8th, 2012: Meeting Minutes



  • Cultural Presentation by Ananya: So halli, yo!
  • Formal: Date Postponed, TBA
    • Heads up for Google docs to sign up for tabling the week of
    • Email Anika if you are interested in wearing a sari and don’t have one
    • SBC- Monday after fall break: Ariya, Glenn, Lauren
    • Make a Facebook event – Arpita  (hold off until we have an actual date lol)
  • Henna and Samosas10/18
    • Aarit’s family is bringing mehendi!!
    • Call Tandoor/Haveli’s for quota on Samosas
    • Mixing holud paste on 10/17 – get people together
    • Neema and Aarit are making Samsara Save the Dates!
    • Invite all your friends to the Facebook event!


  • Psi U Bhangra Bollywood
    • Jahanara will be liason with social chair
    • Set a final date
    • Find out if Dec. 1st is available
    • If not, how about a formal after party (early November?) (wait for final date)
  • Bhangra
    • Jay, Urvashi, Haley, Neil
    • Set up a general information meeting
    • Start weekly rehearsals
  • MC Skits
    • Ismet, where art thou?!
    • Start writing skit next Shakti meeting
    • American Desi
    • Ariya and Hira stage managing, working on sound
    • Actors: Ismet, Nandita, Anika, Tara, Haley, Rehan, Arjun, Pranab, Glenn, Chipper, Maurice, Sky, Daisy
  • Flash Mob
    • Contact Nandita
    • Neema and Aarit are making flyers
  • Publicity Committee
    • Add anju (aepaul@wes)
    • Nandita, send out picture of publicity ideas
    • Flash mob, ismet and rehan making a video
    • Flyers to be made/sent out
    • Hey. Where’s that publicity plan?!
  • Freshmen Dance
    • Email Maya/Olivia about Fayerweather booking info
  • Samsara Dance Songs
    • Nandita (omg, I’m so sorry! I never got to hear you out when you were telling me which songs you chose!)
    • Freshmen (Contact: Olivia/Maya/Urvashi) – Chamak Challo, Chikni Chameli
    • Sophomores (Contact: Becky/Tara/Lauren/Haley) – Gasolina Punjabi Remix, Jai Ho, Twist, ?, Gangnam Style
    • Jr/Sr (Contact: Anika) – Madhubala, Chhan Ke Mohalla, Thug Le, Anarkali Disco Chali, Discowale Kisko
    • Bollywood (Contact: Pranab/Becky) – Munni Ka Badnam, + ?
  • Next Meeting Cultural Presentation: Nandita!
  • November Bollywood Night! – Aarit will help coordinate!

Have a Wonderful Fall Break! :)

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September 24, 2012: Meeting Minutes

  • Bollywood Night: 9/27
    • Location: LoRise B3
    • Time: 9 PM
    • Remember to bring $2-3 if you haven’t already
    • Skits!
    • Bring Mixers + Snackums if you get the chance
  •  Skits should include
    • Shah Rukh Khan
    • Slow Motion
    • Cricket
    • Gangnam Style
  • Samsara Committees:
    • Samsara MOVED to DECEMBER 1st!
    • Production Committee – find a stage manager (Hira?), two people to man the doors, one person to work on sound (Shivani?)
    • Publicity Committee (Ariya, Aarit, Ananya, Nandita, Shivani, Tara) – a week by week plan? Nandita has a picture of the publicity ideas we came up with at the meeting
    • Wes Performances: Quasi? Music performances (nikhil? nandita? ono?) traditional dance?
    • Guest Committee: follow up! follow up!
    • Budget: Want to go to SBC by November 1st
  • Shakti Formal: October 26th, 2012
    • Form formal committee
    • Book DFC, Go to SBC next week
    • Make flyers
    • dress snazzy!
    • get sparklers
    • dance performance?
  • Henna and Chaat: October 18th, 2012
    • Samosas instead of chaat
    • Make FB event (Lauren, can you do this?)
    • Flyer campus
    • Budget from CFA
if you want to join any of the committees for samsara or serve on the Shakti Formal Committee, email me at aamin@wesleyan.edu
Have an awesome day!
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Welcome back Shakti!

Look at this! Finally after a year of hassling ITS and the WSA, we have ourselves a new website! Check back here for weekly updates and upcoming events or any Shakti information you may need. As this is the first post, it would be fitting to explain what Shakti is, what we’ve done in the past and what we’re looking forward to doing this year.

Shakti was established around 2002 (the actual date is shrouded in mystery) as Wesleyan’s South Asian Student’s Association with the mission of contributing to the diversity of the Wes campus with South Asian culture and maintaining a brotherhood with all other identity groups on campus. Ten years later, not much has drastically changed, but the group has evolved. Members of Shakti are proud to be part of more than just an ethnic identity group on campus, but an outlet for any and every student interested in, passionate about, or involved with South Asian culture. We strive to create an fun environment for students to learn about and partake in cultural events, like our annual cultural show Samsara:




And our Campus-wide formal dinner:

And our newest annual event, Holi!:

These are just a few of the events Shakti organizes or helps sponsor. In line with our mission statement, we give the proceeds of one of our events, usually Samsara,  to an organization that benefits countries in South Asia. In the past we have supported MINDS, The Pakistan Flood Relief, and Brighter Dawns, among others. Members spend time together learning more about South Asia at potlucks and Bollywood movie nights. Through our activity on campus, we hope to unite the Wesleyan student body through exposure to cultural events and activities.

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