September 24, 2012: Meeting Minutes

  • Bollywood Night: 9/27
    • Location: LoRise B3
    • Time: 9 PM
    • Remember to bring $2-3 if you haven’t already
    • Skits!
    • Bring Mixers + Snackums if you get the chance
  •  Skits should include
    • Shah Rukh Khan
    • Slow Motion
    • Cricket
    • Gangnam Style
  • Samsara Committees:
    • Samsara MOVED to DECEMBER 1st!
    • Production Committee – find a stage manager (Hira?), two people to man the doors, one person to work on sound (Shivani?)
    • Publicity Committee (Ariya, Aarit, Ananya, Nandita, Shivani, Tara) – a week by week plan? Nandita has a picture of the publicity ideas we came up with at the meeting
    • Wes Performances: Quasi? Music performances (nikhil? nandita? ono?) traditional dance?
    • Guest Committee: follow up! follow up!
    • Budget: Want to go to SBC by November 1st
  • Shakti Formal: October 26th, 2012
    • Form formal committee
    • Book DFC, Go to SBC next week
    • Make flyers
    • dress snazzy!
    • get sparklers
    • dance performance?
  • Henna and Chaat: October 18th, 2012
    • Samosas instead of chaat
    • Make FB event (Lauren, can you do this?)
    • Flyer campus
    • Budget from CFA
if you want to join any of the committees for samsara or serve on the Shakti Formal Committee, email me at
Have an awesome day!
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